Getting Your Roof Ready for Fall

The fall is almost here, which means that many regions will soon start to deal with rainy days and lower temperatures. If you have not yet prepared your roof for this season, you still have time to do it. If you want to have a safe roof to protect your home and keep you safe during the cold half of the year, do the following basic operation.
gutter clean up
Exterior inspection of the roof
In the beginning of autumn, have roofing Crystal Lake technicians inspect your roof in order to detect any minor problem. In particular, you must check the state of the drainage system (which is responsible for evacuating the rainwater as far away from the facade of the house as possible) and any cracks in the tiles or shingles.
Roof insulation
Every roof must be insulated for two reasons: to reduce the risk of water infiltration and avoid the formation of thermal bridges that favor heat losses, condensation and mold.
Clean the roof periodically
Another step in preparing the roof for the autumn is cleaning it. You must remove debris, as well as moss, lichens and other elements that may affect its structure. It is particularly important to collect fallen leaves, because they can clog the drainage system and allow water infiltrations.

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Questions to Ask Yourself While Filing a Roof Storm Damage Claim

storm damage repair

If your roof has been affected by a storm, it is time to think about using your insurance. However, before filing a claim, you should allow a reliable roofing Crystal Lake IL contractor to inspect your roof and assess the damage. The conclusion of this inspection represents a professional assessment that will help you make an accurate claim and receive proper compensation.
Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself while filling the insurance claim.
1. Did I attach all the pieces of evidence revealing the damage of my roof? (photos, videos, the assessment of the roofer who inspected the damage etc.)
2. Will my insurance rates increase now that I file a claim?
Rates do not increase for this reason, but they may increase if you live in a region affected by substantial storm damage.
3. Do I know all the local codes referring to replacing a roof? Will my insurance cover a new roof installation?
4. What else can I do to make sure that I receive proper compensation that will help me restore my home as it was before the storm?
5. How can I be sure that the adjuster will not miss anything?

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Signs Your Roof is Costing You a Fortune in Energy Bills

roof quality
When buying a new home, one of your first concerns should be the condition and quality of the roof. A good roof will keep you protected, but it will also contribute to the energy efficiency of the house.
Signs that indicate that the roof will cost you a lot in energy bills are mainly the lack of insulation and proper ventilation.
The insulation solutions installed by Algonquin roofing company specialists are effective in the long run. That is why most people need to understand the benefits of insulation and why is so necessary to focus on the quality of the materials. Having a good insulation will reflect into the energy bills. The energy consumption will be reduced and you will be able to make financial savings. In addition, the thermal comfort will improve and the home will be more resilient over time.
After solving the problem of insulation, one must proceed to improve the ventilation of the attic. Experts say that a well-ventilated attic helps to maintain the thermal comfort of the house in the summer and prevents the apparition of mold in the winter.
Do not avoid ventilating the roof for fear of letting cold air enter the house. The living space is closed and insulated, while the attic is located outside this area.

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How Will a Well-Ventilated Home Help You During Each Season?

Ventilation is one of those things we never really think about until we need it. While most people believe that good ventilation is only required in the summer, you’ll find that it’s important to maintain a properly working ventilation system all year round:

home roofing ventilation

• Spring is one of most beautiful seasons of the year, however, it can also be among the most troublesome. Aside from the changing temperatures, greater humidity and higher concentration of allergens, you also have to deal with a lot more odors, which your ventilation system will have to deal with.
• Summer is the warmest season of the year, which means you won’t get too far without proper home ventilation.
• In the autumn, you have to consider the temperature and weather fluctuations that come with the season. Once summer ends, it will be hard to get fresh air while you’re inside, so a good ventilation system is indispensable at this time.
• Finally, in the winter, you will have to deal with extreme temperatures and avoid keeping your window open for most of the entire season. To prevent the air from getting stuffy and humidity from damaging your walls, you will need excellent ventilation and air distribution during this time.
Let ventilation experts Crystal Lake roofing companies take a peek at your home, to help you ensure it is ventilated adequately.

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The Skills and Qualities You Need to Become an Expert Roofing Technician

Are you looking to become a reliable roofer? Do you want to start your own roofing business, or to work for one of the reputable local roofing companies in your area? If that is so, then you can start by making a name for yourself in the industry. Learning to become a skilled roofing Barrington services technician, is hard work, but in a few years, you can likely do it without a hitch.

Nevertheless, to do it more efficiently, you also have to know what qualities and skills you’ll need in order to make it. Here are a few points you will have to keep in mind in this regard:

• Roofers typically need to be strong and somewhat athletic. Strength and endurance will be necessary because of the type of work you’ll bed doing.
• Good balance, as well as excellent hand-eye coordination is also a must. You have to make sure you can work while you’re in high places, without getting nervous or losing your concentration.
• You also need intelligence and a good understanding of math, physics and the chemical properties of the materials you’ll be using. Normally, that last one will be taught during your apprenticeship.

skilled roofing technician

Becoming a roofer might not seem to require too much skill, but you’ll find it’s still a challenging job. Fortunately, it’s also well-paid, and you have excellent opportunities to improve yourself and gain a higher standing in the roofing and construction industries, as you continue on your career path.

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Considering the Most Helpful Tips for Identifying Roof Hail Damage

Hail damage can be extremely problematic when it comes to residential roofing damage. Your roof might look great from afar, but once you get closer, you’ll see exactly why you must call on your local
hail damage repair roofing Crystal Lake experts for regular maintenance: that last hail storm might have damaged some of the shingles so bad, that it caused leaks that are already affecting your attic.

hail damage roof inspection

So, you already know that you have to act. But what should you do first? Well, to get started, it’s important to check the roof for damage and have someone check the attic at the same time. If there is an area that seems worse than the others, consider calling your local roofers to find out if the damage has already led to a leak.

Hail damage most commonly affects the surface of your roof – meaning the actual shingles and the flashing. It can also affect skylights and chimneys, depending on how strong their construction might be.

To spot hail damage more efficiently, make sure you check not just for larger holes and dents in your roofing shingles, but also for small cracks that, at first glance, aren’t visible enough. Nevertheless, their identification is important, since they may still pose a threat down the line.

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How Will Reflective Roof Shingles Save You Money in the Long Run?

Reflective roof shingles have become extremely popular in areas where the weather is normally very warm. This is because reflective shingles have the unique ability to reflect sunlight and prevent heat from entering the attic and messing up your home’s interior temperature. Per informed roofing Crystal Lake IL specialists, the result is a much cooler and more comfortable home that no longer requires as much insulation and cooling.

reflective roofing materials

If you’re thinking of installing new insulation to prevent your home from being too warm this summer, reflective roof shingles might be a better alternative. Aside from being a practical replacement for your old shingles, it also allows you to get two birds with one stone. The reflective capabilities of these shingles will cool your home enough to allow you to save money when considering how much attic insulation you’ll need.

Reflective roofing shingles will also prevent your AC from working too hard during those hot summer days. As a result, your electric bills will also be less problematic, and you won’t have to deal with expensive HVAC repair as often either.

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider reflective roof shingles, if you want to prevent your roof from being damaged so often. Reflective shingles don’t get so hot during the summer, which offers your roof added protection.

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