Important Home Improvement Tasks: It It Time to Get Your Gutters Repaired?

Repairing your gutters should be among the most pressing tasks to attend to when considering what home improvement activities to start with this summer. Gutter repair is essential, since gutters have the role of allowing water to flow from your roof to the ground without affecting any other area of your home. If the gutters are not properly fixed, they can lead to water damage to your roof, walls, siding or even the basement and foundation of your home.

roof and gutter maintenance

Here are the most significant cases when gutter repair has to be performed:

• If the gutters were damaged in a storm, and they’re bent out of shape, or certain components have fallen off, then it’s definitely time to start repairing them.
• Another time has to do with gutter guard damage. Your gutter guards keep debris such as leaves and branches from making their way into the gutters and clogging them.
• Finally, make sure you always keep track of any rusted or cracked areas that have to be mended. If your gutters are leaking, water can affect your home’s exterior, and the repair work required will be inconvenient, to say the least.

Because of its practical qualities, the activity of taking care of your gutters should be higher on your list of priorities than most home improvement tasks that have to do with improving the appearance and curb appeal of your home. If you don’t have time to take care of this important task, look to experts found at to inspect and care for your roof system.

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The Most Common Commercial Roofing Systems – Which One Should You Choose?

Although sloped roofs aren’t unheard of in the commercial roofing industry, top commercial Algonquin roofing company experts agree that flat roofing is the best choice if you want a durable, well-designed roof for your new commercial building. Flat roofing systems can include anything from sustainable green roofing, to EPDM and built-up roofs that are designed specifically as a professional choice for larger buildings.

Thermoplastic roofing, also known as TPO is among the top most popular and practical types of commercial roofing you can find on the market today. Featuring materials that have a high temperature tolerance and excellent fire resistance, TPO also has a lifespan of more than 20 years.

commercial flat roofing solar panels
Solar panel roofing typically involves a metal base with an array of solar panels on top. The best solar panel roofing installations will also feature highly resilient transparent coatings to protect the panels from rain and hail, as well as solar panels of a higher quality, that will genuinely help your business pay less on electricity bills.

Finally, EPDM roofing is also considered among the most common, high quality roofing products on the market. This commercial roofing material is a special type of rubber that is installed in sheets. It is known for its impressive resilience and for being the longest lasting and easiest to maintain commercial roof currently available.

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What Are Architectural Shingles and What Are Their Main Advantages?

Are you looking for a more durable and practical option when it comes to replacing your roof? Experts like those at premier Crystal Lake roofing companies, say that although there are plenty of great products out there, architectural shingles are considered the best, not only because of their price, but also because they’re among the most modern and well-designed roofing products available on the market:

roof material durability

• Architectural shingles are uncommonly durable. Unlike regular asphalt shingles, they often come with warranties that are rated at 25 to 40 years, so you can be sure that they’ll outlast most asphalt shingle products by more than a decade. In fact, some manufacturers will even provide you with a lifetime guarantee.
• Since it’s heavier than most types of roofing, composite shingle roofing is also more resilient in the face of bad weather. Strong winds will not easily move the shingles out of their established place, and the individual shingles will also be more resistant to curling or being bent out of shape.
• With architectural shingles, there are no special tabs to align, nor are there any particular, special instructions to follow. The installation process is, as a result, much easier than with most other types of roofing products.
• Composite shingles are also able to prevent algae from growing and fires from spreading. They will certainly not require as much maintenance as your common asphalt shingle roof.

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The Most Durable Roofing Materials That Can Last for Decades

Are you tired of having to replace your roof once every couple of decades? Has your previous roof lasted less than 10 years? If you want to invest in durable materials for roofing Barrington homes, the following options should help you out:

• If you’re on a budget, it might be a good idea to limit yourself to architectural shingles. These shingles won’t last much longer than asphalt shingles, but they are superior in craftsmanship, require less maintenance, and still have a slightly longer lifespan.
steel roof
• Metal roofing is great if you want something more modern and unique. Metal is also extremely practical and energy-efficient, and some types of metal roofing products are not too expensive either. Most importantly, a metal roof can last for up to 75 years without needing too much maintenance.
• Finally, it’s a good idea to try natural slate if you want to go all out. Not to be confused with faux slate, since the difference between the two is staggering, natural slate is the single most durable and reliable roofing material in the world, easily lasting more than 100-120 years and outlasting its synthetic counterparts.

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy an exquisite copper roof or a durable slate roof, you can still consider a few other durable roofing materials. These include steel, concrete, terracotta and clay.

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How Can a Damaged Roof Further Hurt Your Home?

Roof damage is bad in itself – the leaks that appear disrupt your daily life, the repairs are costly and take a long time to complete -, but unfortunately roof damage does not stay on the roof only, it causes problems in other areas of your home as well. Here are a few of the problems that damaged roofs cause in areas of the house other than the roof:
roof repair
– Water damage traveling downward – a damaged roof will let rainwater seep through the roofing structure into the attic and then even lower, into your rooms. Seeping water can cause damp patches on your ceilings, it can cause harmful and dangerous mold and mildew to appear and is also a safety hazard that affects the electrical appliance in your home, increasing the risk of a house fire;
– Wall and foundation damage – if the rainwater is not properly directed into the ground, it can make your walls damp and it can also seep into the foundation, causing it to crack;
– Decreased property value – roof damage takes away a lot from the selling price that you can ask for your property and it also makes potential buyers more difficult to find.
Make sure to contact repair roofing Crystal Lake contractors for all your roofing needs.

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Avoiding Roof Scams during Storm Damage Season

Every business has its scammers and roofing is no exception. While scams are infuriating in any season, when your roof is affected by storm damage, leaving your home exposed to the elements and you are vulnerable, falling victim to a roof scam is even more devastating. Here are a few tips to help you avoid scammers:
storm damage roof repair
– Unsolicited services – the most common roofing scam is one in which a stranger knocks on your door right after the storm, telling you that he and his team are doing some roofing work in the neighbourhood and they can fix your roof, too, for a discounted price. If you let the man in to show him the damaged roof, he will probably tell you a few things about the repairs you need, then he will ask you for money to go to the nearby store for supply. If you give the man the money, you will probably never see him again;
– Free inspections – this scam is usually directed against older homeowners who cannot go up on the roof to check its condition. The scammer will climb to the roof, then tell the victim that the roof is in really bad shape. If the victim agrees to hire the scammer, he will probably do some work up there, but the repairs are usually of poor quality and unnecessary.
No legitimate roofer will ever coerce any client into hiring him, what’s more, most good roofers are very busy after storms. If someone comes to your door, offering his services for very low rates, he is likely to be a scammer or a very poor roofer, so just say no and send him away.
For the best storm damage repair roofing in Crystal Lake IL, contact Gold Standard Restorations.

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Celebrating July in Illinois

July roofing
The state of Illinois has always celebrated the July with exciting events for young and old and with spectacular fireworks – here are a few of the best places in the state to celebrate July:
– Chicago – Independence Day and the days preceding it are celebrated with food festivals, dance festivals, and an exciting music festival in Grant Park. The best place to watch the fireworks from is on the Navy Pier – you will surely love it;
– Aurora – located at a 40-mile distance from Chicago, Aurora also knows how to celebrate the July in style. This year again, visitors can take part in patriotic events, listen to military bands, explore the extraordinary, rich, local culinary scene and enjoy the numerous other entertainment opportunities offered;
– Peoria – the city boasts the biggest fireworks in the entire state and is also proud of the music events it hosts on and around Independence Day;
– Rockford – the state’s third largest city celebrates America’s birthday with patriotic concerts, the traditional parade, artwork exhibitions, fairs and an amazing show of fireworks in the evening;
– Kewanee – the small town celebrates the July with cultural events, with culinary offerings from vendors with different ethnic backgrounds, a tractor show and arts and crafts classes for kids and adults.
Whatever your plans include, have a happy, safe, fun summer! And please remember to call us, a
locally owned Algonquin roofing company, for all your roofing needs.

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